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Double degree program and Exchange students

Double degree program

In order to provide the broader study filed, multicultural experiences and future competitive ability to local student, NCKU’s accounting department has encouraged student expand internationalization positively vision and assists outstanding students go abroad study for master degree.  The NCKU particularly include and sign with the following school for the double degree corporate program. After pass the requirement of accounting department of NCKU and combination school, the students can go abroad for studying and can choose pay own expense or apply to management institute to get the allowance. The student will get the NCKU’s degree as well as oversea degree in one year. 

The treaty of double degree from NCKU’s accounting department:       Lancaster University, England, Management Institute      SIUC, America


(1)Get the master degree 

(2) Expand internationalization vision

(3)Improve foreign language

(4)Establish personal broad  relationship

(5)Obtains America accounting qualification

(6)Obtains high promotion quickly


International exchange student

In order to expand international vision, rising about globalization, and the percentage of view of international participating, NCKU encourages student goes to abroad to study or do research for one semester or one school year. In addition to these general rules in the signing of sister school, our department also encourages students to take their own interest to enroll or may apply to schools which have not signed with NCKU for allowance or scholarship.  

Signing exchange student program with oversea management institute:         City U, Hongkong          Other school signing with NCKU for exchange student program’s list          can refer from attachment file of OIA (office of International  Affairs). 


 Ernst and Young- talent student training program

 In order to encourage talent student apply and work at Ernst & Young Auditing Company for long-term, Accounting department of NCKU corporate with Ernst & Young Taiwan to set up “talent student training program”. This program will provide the subsidy about 30,000 USD to the talent student with the condition is must be work at Ernst & Young for 5 years after finished the program. If break the contract, student must repay the scholarship to Ernst & Young. Welcome the students who interesting in this program. (This program just limit for master student applying to SIUC only)