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Graduate Program (Accounting Information Group)

Founding Rationales

        In order to implement both theories and practices of Accounting profession, the Graduate Institute of Accounting emphasizes the use of information technology (IT). This would provide the students with working capability as well as competitiveness necessary in their future careers. The recent IT boom enables accounting information system to substitute for traditional accountancy. It also accelerates the transfer of information in financial accounting. Although the information technology may enhance effectiveness, the question is how we can computerize the accounting system to meet the financial demand and whether the accounting personnel have enough knowledge and skill to carry out accounting and the computerized financial system. Graduates with knowledge of information system and in-depth understanding of accounting domains were so demanded amongst employers of the accounting industry that, in 1999, the Graduate Institute of Accounting initiated an information-oriented program. It enables students to learn computational technology applied to all aspects of accounting practice, which would definitely complement their accounting skills and turn them into versatile graduates.



        In the era of Taiwan vs. China and global competition, pure accounting skill alone is insufficient. The combination of information technology and accountancy has attracted a gradual attention among the academics. The industry has been trying to nurture this set of skills. In line with this notion, National Cheng Kung University has moved towards the same direction by establishing a major that covers both specialization in IT and accounting. Therefore, students with IT background are allowed to pursue accounting knowledge as well as financial studies. This program would nurture the potential of the students to become young, well rounded individuals in the commercial world. They will be well-equipped with IT skills as well as financial and accounting management and decision-making skills.


7 teaching characteristics

  1. The professors are experts in IT, accountancy and financial fields. They understand well the development of the requirement of the specialization in IT and accountancy. Contact hours in class are mainly used for interaction with the students.
  2. By making computer auditing classes more popular, students will be able to acquire more skills to be more familiar with computational methods in auditing.
  3. By intensively utilizing IT and accounting skill in school, students will be trained to be more professional in accounting information system
  4. Complementing the software of the Financial and Accounting Information System Lab are comprehensive database and rapid networks that give students opportunities to be engaged in research and application.
  5. Enhancing the students' ability in accounting and IT system in accordance with the fast-paced and ever changing global market.
  6. A high proportion of modules are taught in English in order to enhance the foreign language ability that has been increasingly becoming the requirement of international enterprises, on top of being a mere curriculum requirement.
  7. The opportunity and experience of the students are further enhanced with the support of the southern Taiwan's enterprises, the computer companies and the accounting firms.