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Graduate Program (Finance Group)

The Institute of Finance was established in 2005 to offer a master degree and Ph.D program under the administration of the Department of Accountancy. It is widely recognized as one of the premier departments of finance in Taiwan. With over 20 full-time faculty members conducting state of the art research in all key aspects of the field, students have access to an enormous variety of courses reflecting the latest research findings and market practices.



The main purpose of the Institute of Finance is:

  1. To collaborate the governmental policy of transforming Taiwan into the Asian-Pacific Operation Hub. The purpose of this project is to establish an international financial market to improve the efficiency of financial operations and accelerate economic growth. The key factor that will determine the success or failure of the project is whether we can produce sufficient financial professionals with vision to compete internationally.
  2. To alleviate the shortage of financial professionals. The rapid growth of the monetary, foreign exchange, and capital market increase the complexity of financial instruments. It is expected that the demand for financial personnel will increase dramatically in the near future. Therefore, it is important for the university to utilize its resources to provide the young generation with the opportunities of obtaining modern financial knowledge through the establishment of the Institute.
  3. To integrate the faculty members to conduct finance-related research. Most of the finance-oriented faculty members previously conducted their research on an individual basis. However, the establishment of the Institute will provide an excellent platform to integrate.



The Institute will focus its research on both the developments of theoretical framework and the applications to financial management. Also the Institute will intensively recruit new faculty members to enhance the needs of new Financial Information Research Center which will be formed to enhance the needs of finance.