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Part-time Professor
Name Job title E-mail Specialties
Ming-Lung Wang Adjunct Professor Investment, Securities Analysis and Investment Management
Ching-Tsai Wu Adjunct Professor Tax Accounting, China tax law, Auditing
Cheng-Jen Chiu Adjunct Professor Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Accounting
Hsiu-Ching Lai Adjunct Professor Accounting
Chin-Cheng Cheng Adjunct Professor Statistics and quantity method, Intermediate Accounting
Pin-Sheng Li Adjunct Assistant Professor Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting
Kun-Hung Shih Adjunct Assistant Professor Accounting
Wen-Chi Sun Adjunct Assistant Professor Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis
Ming-Hsien Hsueh Adjunct Assistant Professor Corporate Finance
Chih-Lung Lin Adjunct Lecturer Income tax law
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