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Research direction: Group A: Financial Theory and Practice Application Group B: Theory of Accounting and Information Technology

  • University did not achieve the primary study accounting 6 credits, and 6 credits required to repair the initial study and passed accounting before graduation

Entry requirements

  • domestic University by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Education in line with the foreign universities that have a bachelor's degree graduates. Recognition by the director with equivalent persons.
  • In addition to the preceding paragraph apply to obtain qualifications of the job need to be two years (inclusive) above (please attached proof of job for more than two years)

Admission criteria 1. written (30%)       Group A: Financial Management Theory Overview       Group B: Overview of Financial Accounting Theory

2. review (40%)        1. Personal information, work experience        2. Serving organizations architecture diagram        3. Personal autobiography (briefly outlined important experience)        4. Special performance and major research projects   (please select the  superior to sketch briefly)

  • please browse our institute website to download the above-mentioned all item special-purpose materials verify form.

3.interviews (30%)

Enrollment 22