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  1. Foreign students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs at NCKU, those with bachelor’s degree are eligible for Master programs; and those with Master’s degree are eligible for PhD programs.
  2. Most of the courses in undergraduate degree programs are instructed in Chinese. Applicants are expected to have sufficient listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability in Chinese language.
  3. An individual who meets one of the items listed below shall NOT be eligible to apply as an international student:

(1) The applicant has overseas Chinese status.

(2) The applicant has obtained a high school degree as a foreign student in Taiwan, the Republic of China (R.O.C.) and would like to pursue a further degree.

(3) The applicant has been expelled by a university or college in R.O.C.

(4) The applicant has the nationality of Hong Kong, Macau or People’s Republic of China.

(5) The applicant has R.O.C. nationality (as defined in Article 2 of the Law of Nationality).

(6) The applicant had R.O.C. nationality, but has officially renounced it for more than 8 years, up until the class starting date of NCKU semester.

Violation of above-mentioned criteria would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the deprivation of the applicant’s recognized status as NCKU registered student, or revocation of applicant’s NCKU diploma. And no certificates will be given.

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*Review and Evaluation The review for admission is based on the applicant's written documents and materials submitted to the University.

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